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Big Bag Rock Salt


Big Bag Rock Salt

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Lloyds Big Bag Rock Salt

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Lloyds 20kg Bag of Rock Salt

A de-icing product that is able to be spread out over a range of different surfaces. This Rock Salt has one anti-caking addative in it but that is all it has not been mixed with any sand or other products, this anti-caking addative ensures that it does not clump up when stored and ensures it stays easy to spread.

This Brown Rock Salt is ideal for gritting your paths, driveways, car parks and roads, it thaws the ice and provides traction underfoot ensuring pathways and drives are safe to walk on. An advantage of Brown Rock Salt as opposed to White Salt is that you are able to visually see the Brown Salt therefore it is clear which surfaces are safe to walk on.

This will prevent you from having an injury this winter