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Please find below a list of commonly used terms in the brick industry along with an explanation of their meaning.


Best Brick

Bricks that are first quality which come with full manufacturer guarantees and specifications available on request.

Special Offer Brick manufactures or ourselves want to move some stock quickly, when they are gone they're gone.
Discontinued These bricks are 'end of line', brick manufactures will not manufacture them again.
Old Stock Packaging and bottom rows of bricks could be dirty or mossy.
Trial Brick Manufactures test new textures and colours one off bricks great for one off builds and projects stock is always limited.
Off-Shade The brick colour is not as the manufacturer expected so will not match the best quality products, ideal for garden walls where conditions suit the product selected or where a brick match is not needed.
Non-Best / Non Standard
Brick shape, size and/or texture is not as the brick manufacturers expected.
 Rejects Mixed colours, textures, sizes and/or imperfections e.g. chipping or cracking.