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Ues the Bricks Calculator to work out how many bricks you need for your project.

The Bricks Calculator table below helps you work out the quantity of bricks required dependant on the size of brick and the area in square meters you wish to build.

These quantities are based on approximatley a 10mm joint thickness.


  Brick Dimensions (mm) Qty per 1m2 Qty per 5m2 Qty per 10m2 Qty per 20m2 Qty per 50m2
   215 x 102.5 x 50 75 375 750 1500 3750
  215 x 102.5 x 65 60 300 600 1200 3000
  228 x 108 x 68 54 270 540 1080 2700
  215 x 102.5 x 73 54 270 540 1080 2700
  215 x 102.5 x 75 53 265 530 1060 2650




Three simple steps to measure your brick?

To be able to measure the size of your brick accurately all you need is a measuring tape and then follow these three simple steps.

You will need to measure the Height, Width and Depth of the brick, and here is how to do this.


 Height     Width     Depth

Measuring from the top of the brick to the bottom will give you the height of the brick. Exclude any mortar when doing this.

    To measure the Width you will need to turn your tape and measure along the face of the brick either on the top or bottom it will not make a difference.
     To measure the depth of the brick you will need to measure from the face side to the back of the brick. If the brick is already in a built wall then a go to the corner and measure it at this point.




Need more help?

For further information, or to discuss your requirments further please contact us by clicking here.



Freestanding Walls Design

click here for advice for specific freestanding wall constructions including freestanding wall dimension ratios, durability of freestanding walls, Mortar and movement joint considerations, Freestanding wall features, Angled freestanding wall structures, Standard brick wall profiles and Curved wall constructions.