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DRU 78 MF cast iron wood and multi-fuel stove

  • Model: Freestanding
  • Fuel: Wood, coals
  • Output: 11.0KW
  • Combustion System: Open, option closed
  • Efficiency: 75%
  • Interior Finish: Glossy natural
  • Front Colours: Anthracite
  • Fire View: Front
  • Controls: Manual
  • Accessories: External air kit (closed combustion)
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SKU: PS100060
Product Description


    DRU 78 MF wood and multi-fuel stove. For heating up the most roomy living spaces

    DRU 78 MF is a large and imposing cast iron wood and multi-fuel stove with a sizeable 11 Kw heat output. It is designed for spacious dwellings, such as rural barn conversions and expansive urban properties.

    DRU multi-fuel stoves burn wood, coal, coke, brown coal or anthracite. They are made from the toughest Norwegian cast iron and are designed to resist Scandinavian winters, when the stove burns all day long.

    Safe for you and the planet

    DRU cast iron stoves comply with the strictest European quality and safety standards. They also have an efficiency rating of over 75%, with most fumes being dispersed thanks to their stoves’ airflow system

    Stylish and clever

    DRU cast iron stoves are made in the classic form, with a large glass window that gives outstanding views of the fire. This is boosted by an ‘air curtain’ that keeps the glass clean. The chimney can be coupled to the top or rear of the stove, whilst a heat shield at the back protects the wall from staining

    Unique triple burning process
    DRU stoves have a unique triple burning system
    1. Primary air is extracted from underneath the fire plate to start the ignition process
    2. Secondary air from the rear is fed through chambers beneath to the front. Part of this is used to air-wash the window
    3. Tertiary air is inserted through small holes at the back of the chamber. This, in tandem with the secondary air, ensures complete incineration of the fuel and the dispersal of fumes for highest efficiency

    User friendly and safe

    DRU cast iron stoves are simple to use and sustain. They have a useful side loading door for the fuel. The ash pan is easily removed through its own door. A ‘cold-grip’ handle is provided to open all of the doors, and is kept in a cool place under the stove.

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