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Lead sheet has long been used for roofing to provide property owners with a long lasting solution to their roofing needs. Here at Huws Gray, we are proud to offer a wide range of milled lead and lead flashing products for you to choose from – and because you’re shopping with us, you can guarantee you’ll be getting products from leading manufacturers at the most competitive price, giving you peace of mind in the product and ensuring you stick to the confines of your budget. Our Easy Lead range of products comes with a guarantee of 20 years plus – not to mention easy installation and no need for additional sealant or tape. Get in touch with Huws Gray today to find out more about our lead roofing solutions.


Jamestown Metals Ltd in the UK, together with Jamestown Metal, Resources in Ireland, has been serving the sheet lead market for over 70 years. The companies were established by members of the Sherling family and bring over 150 years of experience to the lead industry. They produce both Rolled lead to BS EN 12588:2006 and DM Cast lead to Agrement Certificate No. 91/2662 – the only manufacturer in the UK to provide this service. In addition, they are able to supply a comprehensive range of quality lead roofing products

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