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Type: Timber Post
Length: 2400mm (8ft)
Width: 75mm (3")
Depth: 75mm (3")
Post Top: Flat
Material: Timber
Treatment: Pressure Treated

Timber Post 75mm x 75mm x 2400mm

This heavy-duty and robust fence post is manufactured from pressure trated timber and has a long lifespan. These rough sawn timber fence posts are available in a variety of different sizes and lengths. When using these fence posts always allow an extra 600mm (2') if sinking the post into the ground. A great way to secure these posts into the the ground/soil is to use our Fast Set Postcrete bags.

  • Tanalised treated timber so you can guarantee a fence post of the highest quality
  • Used for supporting fences
  • Recommended depth for singing into the ground: 600mm / 2'
  • FSC Certified/Approved


Type: Timber Post
Length: 2400mm (8ft)
Width: 75mm (3")
Depth: 75mm (3")
Post Top: Flat
Material: Timber
Treatment: Pressure Treated

Keep your fencing & posts in good condition by following these four simple steps:

  1. When attaching panels to posts. Ensure the bottom of the panel is at least 30mm above the ground
  2. Wood is a natural product and can be susceptible to warping and twisting especially during dry spells. Watering down regularly can help the fence return to it's natural shape when the humidity rises.
  3. Regularly check that your fence posts and panels are secure, so long as they are secure this will help to reduce damage from flexing in windy conditions.
  4. Treat your fence posts annually with a good quality non-creosote preservative.

Fixing Fence Posts Into The Ground Using Hanson Post-fix

Hanson post-fix is a good quality post hole concrete for all types of post fixing applications including treated wood/metal posts or supports, concrete and plastic posts.

  • Easy To Use - Just add water
  • Saves Time - quick and convenient
  • Economic - less waste than some other methods
  • One bag is sufficient to support a post in a hole measuring 250mm x 250mm x 305mm

Instructions for use:

1. Dig hole approx 250 x 250 x 350mm deep (one spade width by one spade depth). For large posts over 7' in soft ground a deeper hole may be required.

2. Position the post vertically in the hole, and pour in approx 2 litres of water (depends on the ground conditions), in porus ground conditions where water is immediatly soaked up add approximately 10% of the bag with enough water to wet the powder, mix with a stick to form a paste and coat the sides of the hole, allow to set then add the water as before and follow the instructions.

3. Empty the contents of the bag into the hole around the post & check the vertical position of the post using a spirit level. Adjust the position of the post and tamp to mix the dry powder and the water / remove air bubbles.

4. Sprinkle further water to combine with any dry powder left on the surface.

5. Allow 5-10 minutes for initial set to take place - following this, the post will remain in a vertical position unsupported, fast set postfix will achieve appreciable strength after 2-4 hours depending on ambient conditions but is best left overnight before attaching fence panels etc.

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