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Here at Huws Gray we only stock the best coving equipment so you can rest assured that you are buying affordable and quality equipment from a company that you can trust. We have plastering coving and ceiling coving available as well as others in a range of sizes so you’re guaranteed to find the type of coving that you’re after. If you’re interested in buying any of our products then simply send an enquiry and we’ll get back to you with a quote as soon as possible. Shopping with Huws Gray is easy and enjoyable and our experienced team are always on hand to help.

Easi-Joists are parallel chord trusses utilising stress graded timber chords. These chords are plated together with a precision engineered and manufactured structural component called the metal web, these when combined form the easi-joist.

The easi-joist combines the lightness of timber with the structural qualities of the metal web, together these two components offer an opportunity for designing commerical, domestic and industrial floor applications with spans equal to and exceeding traditional timber joists and their equivalent timber alternatives, but with better damping and stiffness qualities.

easi-joist is a precision designed and manufactured floor system, that is designed to make floor joist manufacture faster, more cost effective and easier to install.

Factory manufactured, made to measure & free design.
Long continious spans, reducing or eliminating the need for intermediate support walls.
Light and easy to handle
Increased spacing centres
Dimensional stability.
Trimmable ends to faciliate installation where bearing support is inconsistent.
Wide nailing surface making the nailing and gluing of decking quicker and more accurate.
Stiffness and strength built into the floors improving floor rigidity.


We believe in only supplying the best quality products which is why all of our roof truss & joist timber is Protim treated at our Milling site in Llangefni. This ensures that the resulting easi joist is long lasting and of the highest quality meaning that you get value for your money. Contact us today if you require any further information about our timber treatment process.


Benefits of using the Easi Joist Flooring System

Here are just some of the benefits of using the easi joist flooring system:

Open web design - This allows for more practical installation of services including waste water pipes, electrical cabling, heating pipes and other services.
Light Weight - The combination of smaller timber sections with the light weight metal web means the finished product is lighter than timber and much lighter than timber equivalents.
Handling and installation - The large bearing surface allows for a speedy setting out of joists, improves joist stability when laying out and enables easier fixing of decking materials.
Long term stability - The reduced sections used in manufacture of the easi-joist combined with the metal web means; less moisture loss and shrinkage is experienced giving a quieter and longer lasting floor system.
Reduced site wastage - Precisely manufactured easi-joists virtually eliminate all site alterations and standard timber sizes ensure materials are readily available.
Improved sound and vibration - The metal web floor system allows for the installation of a rigid Strongback that reduces vibration and improves the overall performance of the floor.
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