Tarmac Topcrete Solid Midi Dense Concrete Block 7.3N 100mm

Part Number : U0000266


Tarmac Topcrete Solid Midi Dense Concrete Block 7.3N 100mm

TOPCRETE Standard | Dense Concrete Block | Topcrete Solid Midi

Topcrete Standard is a dense aggregate concrete block. Topcrete Standard blocks are manufactured with dense aggregate, so they are more robust and durable in building applications where strength is required. This makes Topcrete blocks suitable for a much wider range of building specifications due to the range of strengths and formats of the blocks available. Topcrete blocks are suitable for use in walls above and below ground as well as beam & block floors due to the proven high level of technical performance.

Topcrete blocks are available in a range of strengths and formats to suit your building needs. They are produced in solid, hollow as well as multicore and midi formats to meet different structural applications in walls above and below ground as well as beam and block floors.

When estimating Midi Blocks the following number of blocks are required per m2 of laid wall, based on using 10mm mortar joints

  • 140mm width = 15 blocks


  • Used for inner leaves of cavity walls
  • Used for Outer leaves of cavity walls rendered, or clad
  • Cavity separating walls (including specifications to Robust Details E-WM-1 and E-WM-3)
  • Can be used for internal partitions
  • Can be used for walls below ground
  • Can be usef for infill units to beam and block flooring


  • Solid 7.3, 10.4, 17.5 and 22.5N/mm²
  • Cellular or hollow 7.3 and *10.4N/mm²
  • Gross dry density: 1900-2000kg/m³
  • Thermal conductivity (at 3% moisture content): 1.28W/mK
  • Moisture movement: < 0.5mm/m
  • Reaction to fire: Class A1

Where can TOPCRETE Standard be used?

  • Cavity walls above and below DPC - Topcrete blocks can be effective in walls above and below the DPC (damp proof course).
  • Cavity walls - Topcrete blocks are high performance blocks available in a range of strengths suitable for constructing internal and external walls above and below ground.
  • Separating walls - Buildings require resistance to sound transmission to meet building regulations, Topcrete standard blocks are ideal for use in separating walls due to their acoustic performance.
  • Solid internal walls and external walls - Topcrete Standard blocks can be used for internal and external walls. These concrete blocks provide good levels of airborne sound insulation as well as having a suitable background for fixings and finishes. When used for external walls the blockwork should be rendered or clad.
  • Beam and block floors - Topcrete standard aggregate blocks can be used in beam and block floors. Quick installation being a benefit for use in suspended floors in conjunction with precast concrete beams.
  • Loadbearing walls - Topcrete standard blocks come in a range of strengths for different building applications making them ideal for loadbearing walls

Technical Specification

Technical Specifications

AX Part Number GM000082570
Pack Size 1
Huws Gray Part No U0000266
AreaCalcType 5
Density 7.3
Manufacturer Part Number BT100SSF000X


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