Finding the right insulation for your project can be a challenge with so many types to choose from. Regardless of your development needs, we offer a range of high-performance insulation and insulation board from leading industry manufacturers and suppliers including Xantherm and Knauf Insulation.

We work closely with Knauf insulation to supply products incorporating their Ecose technology, which uses a bio-based binding ingredient meaning no harmful phenol or formaldehyde chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, less energy is used, and the product doesn't irritate the skin so is more comfortable to handle, which is dualistically much better for both you and the environment.

Insulation comes in 7 main types, Blanket Batt or Roll Insulation, Foam Board or Rigid Foam, Insulated Concrete Forms, Loose-Fill and Blown-In Insulation, Radiant Barrier Insulation, Spray Foam and Foamed-In-Place Insulation, and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS). Insulation materials also vary and include Foam Insulation, Fibreglass Insulation, Cellulose Insulation, Mineral Wool Insulation, Natural Fibres Insulation,  and more exclusively, Denim Insulation. The most common form of insulation materials are fiberglass, foam, and cellulose and the most common type of insulation include batts, loose-fill, rigid foams, and now spray foam due to its easy application. While these are the most popular types, the decision does eventually boil down to your specific requirements and needs.

All various forms of insulation suitability rely on the purpose and area of use required. With our all-encompassing range of insulation products to choose from, Huws Gray can provide the right insulation you need within budget for all construction or building needs. Our range of insulation products includes loft insulationacoustic insulation (inclusive of the popular Rockwool insulation), omnifit insulationsteel & timber frame insulationrafter, foilboard & floor insulation, chemical fixings & expanding foam, and products for finishing touches in our insulation fixings category.

For further information on insulation, use our insulation guide. If you cannot find the product you require or are unsure of which product to use, please contact your local branch for assistance or alternatively, book an appointment with an expert. You can locate your branch using our branch locator for more detail.