Topsoil, Bark & Weed Control

Topsoil, Bark & Weed Control

Keep your garden looking fantastic and weed-free all year round using our wide range of premium quality topsoil, bark and weed control products. We also have a great range of artificial grass and turf products to feature in your landscaping and gardening projects. Our extensive range of topsoil, bark and weed control products is sourced carefully from leading industry suppliers and manufacturers to ensure you receive consistently high-quality products.

Topsoil can be used to cover the ground, create new beds and borders or provide a base for laying turf or sowing grass seed. In paved gardens without access to soil, topsoil can be used in raised beds for growing plants including vegetables and flowers. There are many different uses for our topsoil including the building of gardens, lawn repair and improved drainage.

Bark chippings are used by both gardeners requiring a mulching material and by landscapers who wish to add decorative consistency to large areas of beds, borders, and other soil-filled areas. Bark chippings can be used to perform a multitude of jobs. By laying bark mulch on your soil, you can protect plants from excessive summer heat or alternatively help plant roots from freezing in winter months.

Our weed control products aid the prevention or gain control of unwanted and invasive plants by effectively controlling unwanted plants. This means there is less competition for water, nutrients, and light which is beneficial to your desired vegetation and garden project. Although artificial grass has a higher resistance to weeds than natural turf, it's still possible for weeds to grow around the edges or infrequently through small holes in the backing.

With Artificial Grass, you have no water bill and can get rid of your lawnmower, your landscaping and garden maintenance time is greatly decreased. Grass turf has high on-going maintenance costs and low initial costs, whereas artificial grass has a higher initial cost, with much lower on-going maintenance costs. Whichever you may choose, we provide for both artificial grass and turf product options.

If you cannot find the correct ground stabilisation, grass, and gravel retention products you require or are unsure of which product to use, please contact your local branch for assistance.