Genesis 2.5m PVC Straight Edge ESP Trim White 10mm

Part Number : U0160285


Genesis ESP is the Straight Edge trim alternative to the popular ETR Round Edge trim. ESP can be used with rectified or square cut tiles as well as standard Ceramic Tiles. It can also be used as a capping strip for areas that are not fully tiled or ceramic skirting.
UPVC is particularly suitable for a wide range of applications due to its excellent chemical resistance, however note the following: Not recommended for use above 60°C, resistance to most oils, alcohols, petrol and fats. It is unsuitable for use in contact with aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones, nitrocompounds, esters and cyclic ethers with cause some swelling.
Installation : 1) Check the exact position of the trim required relative to the tiles to be laid. 2) Bed trim into normal tile adhesive ensuring adhesive penetrates the holes in the flange. There are 5mm holes available for mechanical fixing if additional securing is needed. 3) Spread the adhesive over the flange and firmly bed in tiles butting against the profile. 4) A grout gap is not necessary, however, if a gap is visible ensure grout is compressed firmly into the gap.

  • Regular cleaning aids the longevity of the profile and ensures there is no corrosion that could affect safety.
  • Genesis ESP Requires no special maintenance - they should be cleaned periodically using a neutral detergent to maintain the appearance.
  • Vicat Softening Point : ISO 306 : 93.3 Degree Celsius
  • ASTM D638 - ( Yield Stress : 44.8MPa ) ( Yield Strain : 4.42% ) ( Tensile Modulus : 1.19GPa ) ( Elongation at Failure : 131% )
  • Flexural Modulus : ISO 178 : 2.38 Gpa
  • Tensile Imapact Strength : ISO 8256 : 413kJ/m2

Technical Specification

Technical Specifications

Width (mm) 21
Depth (mm) 10
Length (mm) 2500
EAN Barcode 5021378011998


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