Polypipe 32mm Tubular Trap Swivel Seal White S Trap 38mm

Part Number : U0194122


Polypipe 32mm Tubular S Trap Swivel 38mm Seal White

Traps are an integral part of any waste system and are generally situated on the outlet of an appliance (to which the waste is attached).

The purpose of a waste trap is to provide a water seal between the waste water pipework and the internal environment of the property, thus stopping any foul air entering the building which would be both hazardous and unpleasant.

Tubular Trap There are two forms of these, a P Trap for horizontal outlets and an S Trap for vertical outlets. Tubular Traps usually have a nut which can be loosened, allowing the outlet to be rotated around to the requested direction and then re-tightened.


  • Size: 32mm x 38mm

Technical Specification

Technical Specifications

AX Part Number GM000072111
Huws Gray Part No U0194122
Manufacturer Part Number WT54
EAN Barcode 5022733011981


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