We work with quality drylining suppliers to provide a comprehensive range of plasterboard, metalwork, beading and jointing compounds, along with everything needed to complete the project including screws, tape and plaster.


Designed to help achieve compliance with Building Regulations as well as increase the liveability within the property, performance plasterboard offers a range of benefits adapted to the purpose of the room. The range includes solutions for soundproofing, fire protection and moisture resistance.


Offering a high strength to weight ratio with no warp, twist or effects of moisture that timber framework brings, we’ve increased our range of stud, liner channel, track and resilient bar to bring you a complete quality metalwork system from a UK manufacturer.

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The Aqua board is designed for rooms with a higher exposure to humidity such as bathrooms, wet rooms and swimming pools. The Aqua board will help to prevent mould, fungal growth, water ingress and expansion cracks.

The board can be painted or as a tile backing board.

Easy to cut using the score and snap method means no need for power tools or segregated cutting area, helping to reduce installation time and costs.

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Identified by their distinctive pink colour, the Fire board is suitable for wall linings, partitions and ceilings that require superior fire performance to meet Part B Building Regulations.

Fire plasterboard will provide 60 mins fire resistance from a 15mm single layer partition system.

In domestic properties it is typically used in separating walls, rooms above garages and stairwells in multi-storey properties. In commercial buildings, it is typically used to protect shafts and voids.

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The low water absorption rate of the Moisture board means that the board will not expand or contract as much as standard plasterboard, helping to beat humidity and reducing the risk of cracking or damage to the final finish.

The Moisture plasterboard is ideal for kitchens and utility rooms with dryers and dishwashers.

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A 30% denser sound-deadening plasterboard, suitable for installation with stud partitions, lining systems and ceilings.

Reduce noise disturbance up to 49 decibels deadening sound between rooms and noisy neighbours. A loud conversation and TV noise (averaging around 45 decibels) will be cut and shouting or loud music will be significantly reduced.

The Sound DB board meets and exceeds Part E Building Regulations.

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The ultimate drylining solution for modern buildings, our standard plasterboard provides cost-effective quality and performance. Suitable for partitions, linings and ceilings where normal fire, structural and acoustic levels are specified.

The Standard plasterboard is available with square or tapered edges in a variety of sizes. Tapered edge boards for taping and jointing to achieve a flush finish or for a single coat plaster finish. Square edge boards for textured finishes or undecorated applications as well as being suitable to plaster.

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Reduced energy costs and improve thermal efficiency up to 29% on your building project. The Thermal board is great for ceilings to reduce upward heat loss and in exposed properties that are subject to significant wind-chill.

Ideal for conversations, refurbishments and new builds.

  • Thermal EPS board offers up to 21x thermal resistance compared to standard plasterboard
  • Thermal XP board offers up to 29x thermal resistance compared to standard plasterboard

Easy to cut using the score and snap method means no need for power tools or segregated cutting area, helping to reduce installation time and costs.

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A versatile water and moisture-resistant Fibre Cement tile backing board for domestic bath and shower room installations.

The tile backer board is easy to install and tile onto, even in tight areas, and can be fully tiled with weight up to 60kg.

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The vapour board has the same physical property as the standard board but has a silver metallised polyester film back liner which enhances the vapour resistance of the product.

The Vapour board can be jointed and finished with Jointing Systems. The plasterboard requires priming with Universal Sealer prior to decorating.

Suitable for linings to roofs.

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Steel stud framing, channels and tracks offer a solid yet lightweight framework which can be easily insulated. The metalwork stocked meets fire regulations and are laser cut to the millimetre for precision when you need it.

Often a preferred alternative to timber, metalwork remains straight and strong providing a longer lifetime, less wastage and less time on site.

When using performance plasterboard such as fire board or thermal board, 70mm studding is recommended due to the weight of the board.

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Plastering and rendering beads are vertical mouldings used to achieve a perfect finish when plastering, protecting and reinforcing edges of the surface to prevent them from cracking.

Within the range there are stainless steel and PCVu beads for external use and steel beads for internal use.

Call or pop into your local branch to ask the team about deals on box quantities.

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Jointing compound works to hide almost all blemishes from the surface of drywall including damage, drywall tape, holes, bumps and other minor damage. It can also be used to finish panel joints, corner bead, trim and fasteners as well as skim coating.

A complete range of ready mixed lightweight compounds and easy mixing powdered compounds are available. All compounds have low shrinkage and are easy to sand.

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The preferred choice for generations of plasterers, Thistle plasters offer a full range of specific and multi-purpose solutions for all projects. Thistle Multi-Finish is the most popular universal skim finish plaster for common backgrounds; it can be used as part of a two-coat plaster system or on plasterboard as well as small repair jobs and patching.

Thistle plaster products are designed to suit either hand or machine application.

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Coving provides an attractive feature to mask the junction between the wall and ceiling. The coving is easy to install and ready for decorating.

  • Cove 90 is manufactured in a traditional cove profile
  • Cove 120 is manufactured in a larger traditional cove profile

Our cove adhesive is fast setting with excellent adhesion and dries white. 5kg of cove adhesive will provide approx. coverage of 11 linear metres of cove.

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To get the job done we have a range of screws, tapes and accessories in stock specifically designed for use with plasterboard and drylining metalwork or timber.

  • Bugle Head screw: To attach plasterboard to light metal or timber partitions
  • High Thread screw: To attach plasterboard to timber framework
  • Pan Head screws: For connecting light gauge metal components
  • Self Tapping screw: To attach plasterboard to thin gauge metal studwork
  • Wafer Head screw: A low profile head with a wider diameter for connecting metal components beneath plasterboard
  • Wet Area screws: Ideal to use with the Aqua plasterboard on thick gauge metal studwork
  • Collated screws: To attach plasterboard to timber framework. Collated screws are suitable for auto feed screw guns
  • Nailable Plugs: For the secondary mechanical fixing of Thermal Boards. Combination of masonry nail and plastic wall fixing

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Huws Gray Stock Guide: Drylining

We’ve doubled our range of drylining in branch and online, giving you more choice and guaranteed stock.

To help you choose the right materials for the job, we’ve created the Huws Gray drylining stock guide. Click the button below to view online, or pick up a copy in branch

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