Part Number : U0026737


Firestone EPDM Shed Roof Kit 2.4m x 2m (7ft x 5ft)

Using the Firestone Rubbercover 1 piece EPDM membrane, you can be sure that your shed roof will last the lifetime of your shed and beyond. We are so confident that each kit comes with a lifetime warranty on the membrane.

In this kit we have ensured that the piece of rubber exceeds the size of your shed roof to allow for the necessary overhang and additional length caused by the apex.

This kit will include:

  • Firestone EPDM membrane 2.4m x 2m (7ft x 5ft)
  • Firestone Spray Contact Adhesive x2
  • Permaroof Bond and Seal Sealant x1
  • Lifetime Membrane Warranty

All of the above are packed into 1 neat box - permaroof in a box

For a shed this size, we would expect that a roll of traditional roofing felt would cost anything between ‚£40-‚£60 which we admit is cheaper in the short term, however if you consider the 50 year life expectancy of the EPDM shed roof kit and the 4-5 times you will be replacing your felt it would no doubt pay for itself in no time!

Environmentally firendly product. The psray canister must be disposed of correctly and the box is made from recycled cardboard and can be recycled again. Minimal Waste!

£222.54 inc VAT

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