Blue Circle 20kg Postcrete

Part Number : U0126648


Blue Circle 20kg Postcrete

A durable, ready to use product formulated for fixing wooden, concrete and metal fence posts. No mixing required - simply pour water into the post hole and add Postcrete. It sets in 5-10 minutes and is supplied in a weatherproof, tear resistant plastic bag. Note that the minimum working tempreture for Postcrete is 3°C. Postcrete may be used for the purposes of fixing domestic posts.

The amount of Postcrete required will depend on the size of hole and post. For example: 1 bag = square post 10 cm (4”) with a hole 20 cm (8”) wide x 75 cm (30”) deep. Please refer to Product Datasheet for more details.

Postcrete may not be used for general concreting, screeds, mortar, grout or render.

If a particular compressive strength is required, Postcrete should not be used.

Normal site practice to the relevant British and European Standards should always apply. Tarmac Cement UK cannot be held responsible where workmanship has not been carried out in accordance with good practice.

Manual handling should comply with The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992.
Packaging – Available in 20kg weather proof tear resistant packaging.

Storage & Shelf Life

Postcrete has a 300 day usable window from the date of packing clearly printed on the bag where the Soluble Chromium VI will be less than the legal limit. Please see our material safety data sheet for more information. Postcrete can be stored outside in all weather conditions thanks to our revolutionary plastic packaging.

Conditions of Use

Please see our ‘Builders Guide‘ for full information.

Health & Safety

Please see our Material Safety Datasheet for Health & Safety information

Postcrete Features and Benefits:

  • Ready to use
  • Blend of selected sand, cement, and additives
  • Used for wooden, concrete, and metal posts
  • No mixing required with Blue Circle 20KG Postcrete
  • Sets in 10 minutes

Technical Specification

Technical Specifications

AX Part Number GM000061393
Huws Gray Part No U0126648
Manufacturer Part Number PZPOSTCRET
EAN Barcode 5018719100152
Boxed Weight 20kg


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