Part Number : U0024535


Screw-Fix Vitreous Enamel to Flexible Flue Adapter 125mm

The Screw-Fix adapter is a threaded metal connector wich alllows conncetion to Flexible Flue Liner by screwing on to the flex, giving a gas tight seal. The other end allows conncetion to Vitreous Enamel single wall flue pipe at the base of the stack.

Application: Connects 125mm (5 inch) Flexible Flue Liner to 125mm (5 inch) Black Vitreous Enamel flue at the bottom of the chimney stack.

Construction: Made from 316 grade stainless steel, it has a pressed thread that allows it to be screwed to Flexible Flue Liner giving a gas tight seal. It has integral drain holes to let the condensates flow back into the flue.


  • Connect the bottom of the flue liner to the adapters twin wall section by screwing the adapter on to the flue liner as you would an ordinary nut and bolt, you can apply a small amount of high temperature silicone sealant to ensure a gas tight connection.
  • You can now conect the Adapter using fire cement or high temperature silicone sealant, (if the appliance is a solid fuel appliance then you must have at least 600mm of flue pipe before this connection) If the gap is larger between the adapter and the pipe you can seal using a combination of fire cement / silicone and fire rope.

Maintenance: It is recommended that chimneys serving solid fuel appliances be swept and maintained as frequently as necessary but at least once a year.

  • Type: Screw-Fix Vitreous Enamel to Flexible Flue Adapter
  • Diameter: 125mm (5 inch)
  • Part No: 25-125-MAE
  • Approvals: HETAS
  • Manufacturer: MI Flues
  • Fuel: Multi-Fuel

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