Thermarestor T1150 Neutral/Intake

Part Number : U0185142


Thermarestor T1150 offers a significant step forward in the protection of electrical distribution equipment. The faults that can occur within consumer units and distribution boards which lead to excessive heat and / or fire can be eliminated by the installation of Thermarestor System.

By responding to temperatures of 80ºC ± 5°C and before any signs of fire, the resulting activation of the safety devices within Thermarestor T1150 can be configured to operate a Residual Current Device (RCD) or signal other types of Thermarestor Approved Devices (TAD), fire alarm, security alarm and business maintenance systems.

The Thermarestor is simple to fit and can be subjected to all routine installation tests including insulation tests. T1150 is designed to allow single point detection within electrical distribution boards and to monitor electricity supplier equipment, for example, cut out fuse and meter tails.


  • Provides thermal protection for consumer units and distribution boards when installed as part of a Thermarestor System
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Connects to fire alarm and security systems via a suitable interface
  • Operates at 80°C ± 5°C
  • Fast closing at ativation temperature
  • 2 metre cable allowing for connection to Thermarestor Approved Devices
  • Compliant to RoHS directive 2011/65/EU

Resistance value at open circuit 0°C to (TA – 15°C): 10 GΩ @ 500 Vdc

Resistance value at closed circuit 0°C to (TA + 25°C): < 1 Ω @ 10 mA

Activation temperature (TA ): 80°C ± 5°C

Max. continuous open circuit voltage (DC to 500 Hz): 30V

Ambient temperature range (open): 0°C to 50°C

Technical Specification

Technical Specifications

AX Part Number GM000111713
Huws Gray Part No U0185142
Manufacturer Part Number T1150


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